January can be a really difficult month for many families, couples and individuals, as the holiday season fades into the background and we are left with mounting debt from over-indulgence and a glum start to the New Year. Reed calls this a ‘Money hangover’ – an apt term to describe the difficult situation many people […]


These days, it seems like just about everyone is a political junkie. After all, interest in the news and political affairs has never been higher. Whether you’re someone who just follows politics on social media or who has lively debates about political topics with your friends and family, chances are that you’re more interested in […]

Axe Throwing

Are you sick of the same old routine every weekend, whether it’s Flashback Fridays at the Liquor Store on York Street or meeting your friends at the Whiskey Bar, but not sure how to shake up your routine with your friends? It’s always great to have a place you can go out and be comfortable, […]


For all the musical folk out there looking for a place to practice their talent, the solution might be staring directly at you, the garage. The garage offers a wide enough space to accommodate more people if you’re thinking of starting a band, or just somewhere to practice alone, this ‘forgotten room’ is perfect. The […]

Solar Panels

Today, more and more people are using solar panels for their home as replacement of conventional fuel burning. Solar panels are natural resources to create energy. They can be used to collect sunlight and convert it into energy that can be used for electricity. Solar Cells, or photovoltaic cells, are arranged in a grid-like pattern […]

Stocking Stuffer

The holiday season is fast approaching, and each passing day means there’s less time to tick off the people from your list. The pressure is on, but it’s more than just finishing up your shopping before the big day. It’s all about finding that unique gift your loved one will absolutely adore. Why not go […]


(Photo credit: TheTruthAbout) You don’t have to go through a very long process of searching for the best property to buy. Instead, you can just ask for help from a mortgage advisor. This person will walk you through the entire process and make the job easier for you. The goal is to ensure that you […]

Waste Collection

Waste is a natural by-product of activity – it’s normal, it’s unavoidable, and it’s part of the process. It still remains a problem, though, and if not properly dealt with, can have very negative consequences. You need to deal with it in a structured way, but often this is easier said than done – in […]


Business owners are required to go to great lengths in order to make sure their workplace is safe for both employees and visitors. At the end of the day, you’ll be held accountable for any accident that could’ve been avoided, and that means marking out hazardous areas, signposting wet floors and training staff to the […]