Axe Throwing

Are you sick of the same old routine every weekend, whether it’s Flashback Fridays at the Liquor Store on York Street or meeting your friends at the Whiskey Bar, but not sure how to shake up your routine with your friends? It’s always great to have a place you can go out and be comfortable, […]

Online Gaming

Game playing is a natural part of life. From the time of our youth, we’ve played several that taught us how to socialize and compete in a healthy manner. The same can be said for computer and online games, i.e. they are no more dangerous than board games. For instance, the games at can […]

Managing Music During Corporate Entertainment Events

There are many service providers that offer good music for corporate entertainment. It is relevant for business owners to choose the right kind of music and entertainment for the guests and audience. Interestingly enough, corporate hospitality plays an important factor in the success of a business venture. An event could be held as a way […]

Movie Or Book

We all love great movies and they represent a very popular form of entertainment among the general public. Unlike books, movies involve our audio and visual reactions. Although many would argue that books are still better because they provide much more detail than movies. In fact, books that we couldn’t put down due to their […]