How eGifting Can Help You Grow Your Business

Do you feel comfortable about the degree to which your company is tapping into the mobile market when it comes to gift-giving marketing strategies? Help your on-the-go customers buy, customize and send digital gift cards directly from a mobile device by investing in the right mobile tech with the help of a reliable mobile app developer. Gift giving — in the form of gift cards and gift incentives — is widely accepted as a better alternative to Groupon promo code and deals. Gifts and gift cards are very attractive and often come with a strong referral incentive program. Gift cards allow sellers to invite consumers to enjoy their brands without obligation. And they put consumers in the mentality of spending, rather than saving. Gone are the days of paper promotion, and that’s because eGifting allows you to take advantage of:

  • A fully optimized interface that suits mobile users
  • Gift giving and redemption through digital portfolios
  • Ongoing adaptation to new browsers and platforms

All of this begs the question: why eGifts aren’t more widely implemented as a central part of every marketing plan? Until recently, retailers have been unable to use the gifts as incentives to the scale needed to actually move the business forward and the reason is simple. To provide a gift of free money, you have to be able to know with relative certainty that a consumer is going to spend enough money to make the investment pay out. Most retailers only have data on the spending trends of only a small subset of users and do not always have the analytical skills to thoroughly analyze the data. They also cannot make accurate decisions about who to give a gift to, and what the correct value should be to maximize the efficiency and profitability of the investment.

Big Data to the Rescue

According to the experts at Toronto mobile app developer, two trends are currently intersecting to give a scalable proposition. The first is the ability of third parties to securely and anonymously (no personal information about the cardholder is shared) access data from credit cards and debit cards in association with larger cards issuers. The second trend is the development of technologies that allow companies to track, gather, and analyze thousands of terabytes of data and make powerful individualized, real-time predictions. The intersection of these two trends makes it possible for electronic gift giving to work at a large, marketable, scalable metric, especially as new companies bring their experience in the area, and usher in the new field of eGift marketing.

By giving shoppers a gift to thank them for spending, retailers get hyper-efficient marketing that can significantly and immediately change consumer behavior and create new profitable visits on the scale they need. And buyers feel a special connection with the retail through the delivery of gifts, and generate brand loyalty. It’s time your business discovered this for itself.

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