Smell Fresh with Natural Deodorant from Malaysia

Natural deodorant was developed in Malaysia to help people stay fresh and clean, even in the heat and humidity of a tropical country. The deodorant was formulated to provide odour protection to professional people who had to present themselves at their best every day but didn’t want to use artificial products that used chemicals that might harm sensitive skin and clog up their pores.

The deodorant is made according to a proprietary process that uses all-natural mineral salts with a high purity content to eliminate the bacteria that causes body odour. The bacteria combines with our sweat to produce the characteristic body odour smell.

Natural and Effective Alternative

By using a natural alternative, a person avoids having to subject their skin to AluminiumChlorohydrate, which can dry out the skin and cause rashes and allergic reactions in people. The natural approach also does away with any alcohol or fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin.

The deodorant is naturally hypo-allergenic and suitable for all skin types.

Presenting the Best “You”

For people who have invested a lot in their wardrobe or like to wear a special scent, chemical deodorants can be ruinous to their wardrobes and interfere with the scents they like to wear. The tropical heat and humidity can cause people to sweat, no matter how expensive their wardrobe is.

This sweat causes the typical wet patches under the arms. But people who are using chemical deodorants are actually spreading the Aluminum Chlorohydrate and other chemicals from their scented deodorants into the fabric of their expensive clothes. This can cause staining that no cleaning process can rectify. It typically causes yellow stains at the armpits and a gradual stiffening and breakdown of the fabric.

These chemical deodorants can severely shorten the lifespan of your wardrobe. People may shy away from investing in a wardrobe that looks the best on them because of the noticeable staining effects of chemical deodorants.

The effect of these chemically scented deodorants can be even worse when a person wants to use a carefully chosen scent for a special occasion. The scent of the chemical deodorant can clash unpleasantly with a delicate, expensive scent. And you may not realise it when you first apply the scent.

The scent has to be warmed by the body to reveal its fragrance. By the time the scent starts to reveal its fragrance. You may find that it clashes harshly with your deodorant, ruining your special occasion.

The natural deodorant from Malaysia allows you to present the best version of “you” to the world. By doing away with the idea of chemicals in a deodorant, the natural deodorant allows you to control how you look, smell and the impression you give to those around you.

Take control of your image and smell fresh and clean, no matter what the weather is like. Contact Total Image today to order natural deodorant from Malaysia.

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