Why Good Customer Service Really Does Matter


Customer service is an important aspect of every business, but some business owners don’t think it matters as much as other departments within their organization. And some business people may not focus much of their efforts at all upon providing good customer service, which is an even bigger mistake. In fact, good customer service really does matter in every business, regardless of who your customers are. This becomes clear when you apply Lean Six Sigma, but continue reading to learn more in the meantime.

Customer Service

What Customer Service Really Means

Understanding what customer service really means is the first step in actually being able to figure out a strategy for giving your buyers outstanding customer service that will keep them coming back for more.

Poor customer service could end up manifesting in a variety of ways, from how your sales employees treat their prospects, to how you not only develop, but also satisfy, your customers’ expectations of your services and products. It can also apply to how your ordering system functions, particularly online, and how people perceive your organization, including the way that they were treated along the way, after they have done business with your company.

Good Customer Service Is Free Marketing

Many business professionals do not realize just how beneficial good customer service can be, particularly when it comes to promoting their businesses. Rather than focusing solely upon marketing your company in the traditional sense, consider that great customer service will actually generate free publicity.

Whenever a customer has a stellar experience with your company, they will want to tell their family and friends about you, as well as encourage those people to purchase from you. This means that, by simply working well with the customers you currently have, they can help you attract even more customers.

Good Customer Service Helps Your Business Save Money

When you can make customers happy the first time, they will end up coming back for more, and they will refer other people to your business. But if a customer is dissatisfied, they could leave and never come back, leave a bad review about your business online, speak negatively about your business to the people that they know, or demand that they get a full refund or extra free products to make up for the dissatisfaction they felt with the products or services that they purchased. All of that can cost you a lot in the long run.

To minimize losses, therefore, you should provide great customer service from the start. Make the buying experience as smooth and easy as possible, and when there are problems, offer your customers a variety of solutions to make them happy again. Implement changes so that you can avoid the same problems in the future with other customers and ultimately save money.

Customer service can provide you with a window into what is wrong with your business so that you can make improvements, and good customer service will keep customers coming back, thereby increasing your sales. So don’t ignore this important aspect of doing business, because it really does matter.


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