6 Things Successful Teachers Do

If you’re wondering what kind of career might work out best for you – either because you’re leaving high school and want to embark on your first career, or because you feel it’s time for a change and you want to do something different later in life – you might want to consider teaching. This is the kind of career that, if you enjoy it, you can have for life because teachers will always be needed. It’s also a highly satisfying career, as you can shape young minds and help people truly achieve their potential.

Yet teaching isn’t something that everyone is able to do, and it’s not something that everyone will enjoy. You’ll need to think carefully about whether or not you really do want to be a teacher, but if it is the kind of career that you could see yourself being good at, you’ll want to know how to be as successful as possible. Read on for some useful tips and some information about what it is successful teachers do.

Believe In Your Students’ Potential

If you want to be a successful teacher, you’ll need to have successful students; this is how a teacher’s success is measured. If their students go on to do well and get good grades, the teacher will have done a good job. So with this in mind, it’s crucial that a good teacher is able to believe in their students’ potential and push them in the right direction in the right way. You’ll need to ensure they work as hard as possible, and by letting them know you believe they can do it; they are much more likely to succeed. If you don’t do this, the student might assume you don’t think much of them, and they are less likely to try hard in class or perhaps in their learning in general.

Even if a student fails or has difficulty in learning something, it’s crucial that their teacher – possibly you – are able to keep them positive and show them they can do it. You may have to help people leave their comfort zones, and that’s not going to be easy, but it’s something that a successful teacher can and will do.

Learn As Much As Possible

As a teacher, you clearly need to have a lot of knowledge; you can’t teach people if you don’t know about the subject you’re teaching. Of course, even the most successful teacher doesn’t know everything, and it’s not possible for anyone to do so, but learning as much as possible will help you get further in your career.

This is why the very best teachers aren’t going to be satisfied with their original teaching degree; they will want to gain more knowledge and to do so, they can apply for other degrees such as an MA education online. The more knowledge you have, the more you can help your students, and that’s the ultimate goal for every teacher. Plus, when you have additional degrees, you can find the best jobs and become a teaching leader as a principal or head of a department.

Be Fun And Energetic

A student is always going to learn better when they have a fun, enthusiastic teacher to help them. A teacher who seems bored of their own subject isn’t going to inspire anyone to want to delve deeper and study harder; they will put people off the subject altogether in some cases.

Make sure your lessons are as fun and interesting as possible. Rather than simply reading from a book or having your students read something and then make a comment, why not create games and interactive lessons? Do something different, and it will stick in their minds, enabling them to retain more information and enjoy the class more. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy it more too, and searching out new ways to ensure the students you teach learn more will be something you don’t mind doing at all. You might be teaching the same subjects every year, but when you do it in a fun way, it won’t get boring.

Take Risks

Taking risks is not something that comes naturally to everyone; some people instinctively choose to stay away from anything that is out of their comfort zones or when they can’t accurately predict the outcome. If you want to be a successful teacher, you’ll need to break away from this mentality and start taking some calculated risks.

When it comes to teaching, a calculated risk would be trying a new way of engaging with your students, for example. Not only will this make lessons more interesting, which is crucial as we’ve mentioned above, but it also means that your students will understand why taking risks in their own life is important, and they will follow your lead. In this way, you’ll be successful from all viewpoints, and so will the people you teach.

By ‘thinking outside the box and being creative in your approach, you can make a real difference in many people’s lives, including your own, and your success is sure to follow.

Be Consistent And Decisive

If you intend to be a successful teacher, you need to be consistent and decisive at all times. When you say you are going to do something, that’s what you need to do. You’ll have to have set plans in place and then see them through to the end. This will help you gain respect, and it will show your students what you expect from them.

It’s crucial that you are consistent when it comes to your students. It’s true that you may well have a favorite or favorites among your class, but you should never let this change your plans or cloud your judgment. You have to treat everyone the same and give everyone the same chances.


Good teachers are able to communicate their lessons to their students in the best, most engaging, and memorable ways. Great teachers – the ones who are most successful – will not just communicate in one way; they will know that communication is a two-way interaction, so they’ll be prepared to listen as well as speak.

Listening to your students is important. It means that discussions can take place, and this is a great way for young children, teenagers, and adults – whoever you are teaching, in other words – to understand more. It’s also important to listen if any of your students want to talk about personal problems they might be having; this shows they trust you and respect you for one thing, and it can help their studies as well.

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