Dispelling Misinformation About Water Purifier Filter Costs

Many who live in countries without access to clean, potable water out of the taps in their homes, office, or public space often struggle to find solutions to their water problem. Buying plastic bottles of drinking water is often expensive and causes environmental pollution; therefore, many prefer to buy water purifiers and install them in their homes. The cost of water purifier filters is ultimately much cheaper than the cost of buying so many plastic water bottles.

If you have a large household, this is particularly true. The cost of water purifier filters is minimal compared to the cost of always buying reusable water bottles. On top of that, there is peace of mind knowing that you always have direct access to potable water when at home, and there is no value that can be put on that feeling.

That said, one hangup that many people have is that the cost of water purifier filters is so much that they don’t even consider buying a water purifier at all. In reality, the cost of water purifier filters is actually quite small compared to how much water you get out of one filter. After only a few months, your costs for water purifier filters and the system itself will be lower than the costs would have been for other sources of water.

If you need more convincing on why buying a water purification system is the right move, here are a few other benefits unrelated to price.

Save the Earth

Despite its many benefits and uses, plastic is a plague on the natural environment that is slowly but surely destroying ecosystems and killing animal and plant life. Plastic itself isn’t all that bad; rather, it’s the way humans use and dispose of it that is the problem. In many countries, recycling is a performative part of refuse reclamation that isn’t actually monitored or supervised by anyone with knowledge of environmental science.

By buying a water purification system, you almost fully remove yourself from plastic water bottle consumption and can thereby cease contributing to plastic pollution in your part of the world. The hope is that so many more people will follow this trend or find alternative ways to get potable water without consuming plastic. If that happens, the world’s ecosystems will sprout back to life.


Environmental protection aside, installing a full-featured water purification system in your home ups the convenience level of having potable water by the power of ten. Not only do these systems instantly serve up drinkable water, but they also have a few additional features that can add value to your life.

Some systems have instant hot water in addition to cold and room temperature options, all at the push of a button on a touch screen. Many brands even include profiles on their systems so you can track how much water you drink each day, which helps you keep accountable regarding your health.

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