Find The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

The holiday season is fast approaching, and each passing day means there’s less time to tick off the people from your list. The pressure is on, but it’s more than just finishing up your shopping before the big day. It’s all about finding that unique gift your loved one will absolutely adore. Why not go for something fun and practical? If you have a MacBook user in your life, keep reading to find your answer to the age-old question of what to get them for the holidays!

Personality in aMacBook Air Skin

Powerful and capable though it may be, their Mac leaves a lot to be desired in the looks department. Imagine the surprise when they unwrap a decal made specifically for them. If you do it right, and base your designs off their favorite colors, they’ll be delighted with the look a skin can afford them. The best Macbook air skins come in a variety of finishes to make your job easier. You can click through different true colors and textures until you find the perfect look for your loved one. Choose from geek-chic carbon fiber or rustic zebra wood. There’s even the option of combining colors and textures to create a coordinated design of your choosing. Once applied, the MacBook air skin will transform their computer from the average Air they share with over a million others to something entirely unique.

Back up Essential Files with an External Hard Drive

MacBooks have an exceptionally long shelf life. Compared to PCs, which can last about 3 years with maintenance, the average MacBook can last as many as 5 — or more! Many Apple owners end up using their laptops into the ground. When that day eventually comes, make sure your loved one is prepared by getting them an external hard drive. This is an essential piece of tech that lets them back up important documents and photos, saving them from when a critical breakdown corrupts these files. They differ in size, speed, and other capabilities, but the average external hard drive outperforms the Cloud in terms of storage space. While there have been some complaints about iCloud in the past, a quality-made hard drive can store their files without any problems.

Portable Battery for Work on the Go

Does your friend or family member take their Mac out to cafés, libraries, and other public places? Then chances are they’ve surfed the web or logged some work hours in a place without an outlet — in which case, they’ve had to call their time online short. If only there was a way to keep them powered up without a cord. A battery box is exactly what your itinerant friend needs. Some, depending on their output capabilities, can power the average MacBook for an entire work day. This is an excellent idea for anyone who constantly works against their battery.

There are a ton of options for the MacBook user in your life. From skins to hard drives to portable batteries, there’s something that will fit any lifestyle. Go online to see the options available and find out which one (or two) would make for the perfect gift.

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