Green Marketing: Tips to Market Your Sustainable Business

Green marketing or sustainable marketing is a way to do business that is environmentally safe. Whether you prefer the term ecological marketing or environmental marketing, they refer to the same concept. The very first workshop on ecological marketing was held in 1975 by the American Marketing Association. Green marketing, today, is a trend that is gaining more and more publicity worldwide. The reason being that environmental health is an ever-present concern. Green marketing can manifest in your supply chain, your sourcing of materials, and in your carbon footprint. An increasing number of people look for eco-friendly brands these days. Customers understand that the greener they go, the less the detrimental effect on the environment. Green marketing can range from promotion all the way to consumption and disposal. Let us see more specifically what this entails:

Sustainable Packaging

Plastic is a big no-no when it comes to the environment. It not only harms the soil, but also the atmosphere and the oceans. Environment friendly customers tend to not purchase goods that come in plastic. Make sure you are not using plastic at all or if that is not possible, you use the minimum amount possible. A greener solution would include opting for packaging made of recycled paper or any other eco-friendly alternatives.


It is important to also let your customers know that you are going green. You can reach out to both government and non-government agencies, like the EPA, for special batches or certificates. You can use these to advertise your eco-friendly practices. A very important aspect of green marketing is going online. Use gradually less and less paper and cash and make your enterprise as digital as it can be. Use software like Cerner Citrix for efficient management. Inform people about your eco-friendly methods online on your website and on social media platforms.

Be Fuel-Efficient

The vehicles used by your company for sales and delivery of your goods have a large impact on the minds of your customer. Think about it. Your vehicles travel all over the city or across different cities leaving an impression on thousands of people about your company. You can use vehicles that use less fuel or you can switch to completely fuel-free electric vehicles. You can then turn your vehicle into an attention-grabbing advertisement promoting eco-friendly, green methods. Opting for fuel-efficient vehicles will not only look great in the eyes of your customers, but will also save you a lot of money in the long-run.

Support Environmental Organizations

There are various organizations that work for the protection of the environment. They often also advocate research in the area of eco-friendly development. Why not donate a portion of your sales to environmental organizations and communicate this to your customers? You can share it with your customers how even a single product purchased contributes to the saving of the environment. Choose charities that are in alignment with your brand. This will help you create an advertising campaign, which will benefit both you and the charity. Such co-branding can be a breakthrough green marketing strategy for your company.

Greener Brand Visuals

Do your brand logo and packaging broadcast environment friendliness? If not, they should. Literally, add more green color to your packaging and branding. Green represents the relationship with nature. Your consumers will certainly perceive this. Your business cards, vehicle graphics, and marketing materials should all look eco-friendly. Enhance the greenness with a recycling logo or an energy star rating logo.

Support Local

Collaborating with local small businesses will definitely help you reduce your carbon footprint. Contributing to local environment protection and campaigns will build your brand an eco-friendly image and increase your sales. Associating with regional organizations, who work on environment safety will lend you credibility in being a responsible brand.

Be up-to-date on the latest green practices and marketing strategies knowing that eco-friendliness is not just a fad but a necessity in our every day. According to certain statistics, 62% of all consumers find greenness of a company crucial. This essentially implies that the companies the majority of people choose to purchase from need to clearly embrace green values. Green means profitability for both the environment and your business.

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