Managing A Music During Corporate Entertainment Events

There are many service providers that offer good music for corporate entertainment. It is relevant for business owners to choose the right kind of music and entertainment for the guests and audience. Interestingly enough, corporate hospitality plays an important factor in the success of a business venture. An event could be held as a way to congratulate the workforce for the completion of a successful project, while others are simply to welcome important business clients.

Managing Music During Corporate Entertainment Events

Corporate entertainment events could include so many things such as music, comedian, magician and of course, delicious food. The event organizing team should be able to decide the kind of music that they want to have.

There are a number of important questions we need to ask before we proceed:

  • Is the entertainment ideal for the type of guest?
  • Is the music appropriate for background listening during the event?
  • Do we need to use a single style of music throughout the whole event?
  • Do people discuss business during the event or they simply want to have a good time?
  • What kind of overall atmosphere we want to have during the event?
  • When unexpected situations unfold, is it necessary for us to change the location?

There are different types of music bands and comedians out there who can provide multiple corporate hospitality situations. These are three possible scenarios of corporate entertainment events

1. Completely formal event:

We use a  specific type of music to greet the audience for the corporate entertainment event. The music could be smooth jazz or four-piece swing. However, a larger ensemble could be needed for an especially large gathering. A professional event coordinator can decide the right decibel level of the music, so guests can take leisurely and enjoy themselves throughout the whole event.

Musicians can wear tuxedos or lounge suits to mirror what the audience is wearing. The music should portray a complete atmosphere of sophistication.

2. Corporate Party:

This is still considered as a formal corporate entertainment, but with a  more relaxed atmosphere. There could be guests who expect to dance at some point during the proceeding. For this reason, the band should be flexible enough to change their music to match the guests’ wish. Based on experience, people of all ages will prefer to join together and enjoy the music. Corporate parties are typically designed for the workforce, not a guest.

We should be aware that the workforce could be particularly tired from previous projects and it is important to know things that make them most excited.

3. Company Fun Day:

During Company Fun Day events, we want to entertain our workforce. There are many types of entertainment we can provide during the event and all should be aimed to make people much more excited. This means, all details in the event should be perceived as fun and executives shouldn’t add anything that can be seen as a work and obligation.

Popular pop music can be suitable for this event, especially if the workforce is still relatively young. Meaning, we should use a music that can urge people to move around and talk to one another more.

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