Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

There’s a reason marketing is such a dynamic field. There is space for everyone in the marketing arena – analytical and creative professionals alike. Growth is a top priority for over half of CIO’s, making increasing sales the endgame for all businesses, and a clever marketing idea or two are the best way to boost business and build brand awareness. Let’s explore a few steps successful marketers follow to create more sales, maintain current customers and attract new ones.

Customer Behaviour Analysis

Customer data and analytics are, arguably, your most valuable resource. Luckily, this valuable resource can be taken advantage of for free if you know where to look!  Corporate social media accounts offer built-in analytics tools to provide you with customer behaviour analysis. If the free services aren’t giving you what you need, consider deploying paid social media or website monitoring tools, to give you a detailed overview of all customer queries, landing and bounce times, likes and shares, and other customer engagement stats.

Social Media Engagement

Don’t ever underestimate the power of social media to boost your business. Selecting the right platforms and ensuring your brand voice is consistent across all areas, is an important tool to attract new customers and communicate with past customers. Regular high-quality posts will drive traffic to your page and keep your customers interested and entertained. Consider using hashtags to reach more people and track the success of your campaign, and optimize all social media content for SEO, for an extra boost on the Google search rankings. 

Promotions & Give-Aways

New customer promotions and discounts are a great way to boost business, but this type of marketing is also 5 times more expensive than maintaining existing customer sales. Don’t neglect your loyal customers!   Run promotions, give-aways and offer discounts for existing customers as well, to let them know you appreciate their continued business. Consider personalizing the giveaway by offering birthday or anniversary discounts, or even create a loyalty program where customers can accrue points toward free items by making purchases.  

Excellent Customer Service

Even in the post-COVID e-commerce boom that has many businesses expanding rapidly, poor customer service has proven to be a losing strategy.  No customer will ever be so desperate for a product that they will suffer disrespect from the supplier. It’s critical to resolve customer complaints quickly, offer flexible refund and cancellation policies, and provide customer service in real-time on multiple platforms. Consider offering reliable shipping options, like with USPS Priority Mail, to ensure your customers are satisfied from first contact to delivery. 

Drive Efficiency with Technology

Digital transformation may not have leapt to mind the moment you began considering marketing techniques, but it should have! With the great technological leap forward of 2021, comes the software and IT solutions to enable massive growth. Consider implementing software or software-as-a-service (SaaS) to streamline accounting and finance, track sales with CRM software, and manage human resources, just to name a few valuable functions. If you haven’t yet adopted a cloud-first architecture, you are missing out on an opportunity to streamline employee efficiency and create a broader reach with boosted connectivity for all. 

Pivot as Needs Change

A Cisco survey showed that a staggering 74% of brands wouldn’t be missed by consumers at all if they vanished – making the need for quick adjustment based on customer demand a priority. Small and medium sized businesses have the advantage of being able to make changes quickly, as needed, in a changing market, while larger enterprises take an understandably longer time to implement change. For example, if your customer base shifts toward a further commitment to sustainability, consider changing your packaging to a recycled material, or offering an eco-friendly shipping option to consolidate shipping boxes and products.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

Many businesses are testing the waters with new methods of attracting customers and keeping loyal customers engaged. Some businesses are creating SEO optimized blogs, or meeting customers on their level on social media platforms or sites like Reddit, where many industry experts can be found doing “Ask me Anything” (AMA) sessions. Many businesses are creating and promoting explainer videos to show their customers how to use a product, or the benefits of their service. Others still are guest starring on, creating or sponsoring podcasts, to build a following of like minded individuals.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and try something new with your marketing strategy. Unique content is critical to the success of your marketing strategy and business growth, and the more quality content you produce, the wider your reach will be. Take advantage of all the marketing tools at your disposal to engage with your customers regularly – and get ready to see your customers smile and business grow.

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