Top Tips for Moving House

If you have successfully sold your house and secured your next home, it can be a daunting process to get everything packed and ready to go.

Moving house is recognized as one of the single most stressful things that people go through in their lifetimes. There are vast amounts of tasks to plan and organize and it can be hard to say goodbye to your family home for the last time as you leave behind all the memories of good times spent there.

It is important to be mentally prepared for a house move and one of the key ways to achieve this is with effective planning and an understanding of every step that will be required.

Here are some of the main factors to consider when you sell up and move on.

Should I hire a removals company?

For most families, the use of removal firms to assist in moving is a requirement not a choice. There are likely to be bulky items such as furniture and beds that cannot be transported effectively without a large lorry. Of course, there is an option to hire a large van or lorry yourself to do the move, and this can be a cost-effective option. In most cases it makes sense to hire the services of a dedicated removals firm who are well known and have years of experience moving household goods safely and efficiently. By trusting your possessions to a reputable removal firm, you take away a large amount of the stress in moving and most removal firms will bring your items into your new home saving a lot of work on your part.

It makes sense to shop around for removals firms, paying particular attention to customer reviews of the service they have provided. Remember that the cheapest firm may not always be the best in this case. You want your possessions arriving in perfect condition at your new address.

Ensure your new home is tech ready

One thing many people overlook when moving house is ensuring that they can use services such as internet and phone lines from the early days of moving in. In today’s world of communications an internet connection tends to be of paramount importance for most individuals and families.

It is likely that you may need to switch internet providers when moving home. Think in addition that if your email address is tied to your current ISP then you will need to change your email provider. It makes great sense to learn how to change email address before you set off on your move so you are knowledgeable on how to do this and can get started early at your new residence. Having a house phone is less imperative than in recent years thanks to the fact that most people now have mobile phones, but if you plan to have a house phone at your new address it makes sense to arrange this before the day of the move.

Label your boxes

Whilst this is a simple tip, it can often be overlooked by people moving house. It makes perfect sense to label boxes by their contents or by the room they will be placed in. For a few minutes work you can save enormous amounts of time when unpacking. If you are exceptionally well organized, you can make a complete itinerary list of all the products and items in your boxes. This is especially effective if you plan to put some of your possessions into storage for use at a future date.

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